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Phil Klein Plays

The Great American Standards

Phil Klein loves and plays the music older generations grew up with: music of the 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s, from Tin Pan Alley, Broadway, movies and radio. Since "our music" is the term commonly used by folks "of a certain generation" to distinguish it from today's popular music, OURMUSIC is the term Phil Klein uses to refer to it as well.

Pianist Phil Klein has chosen the "timeless melodies" of the great standards of Broadway, the movies, and radio of the early decades of the 20th century and claimed them for himself and his happy, loyal audience. The unusual success of his first album, Unforgettable Love Songs, prompted him to record additional albums, found on this site and available for purchase.

Phil Klein and Loretto Leonard (student and teacher)

Phil Klein has spent his life in music. As a teenager, he fell in love with the piano, due in no small part to the efforts, enthusiasm, and nurturing of his piano teacher and longtime friend, Loretto Leonard.

He later ventured out as a solo pianist, band pianist, composer, arranger, raconteur and music educator.

Phil Klein creates unique piano stylings and approaches to the great songs (from the 20's thru 60's) which have exercised wide appeal (he receives communications from every sector of the U.S. from people who have heard his playing and want to obtain his albums.

Innumerable listeners have commented about "wearing out the discs"; how they listen to them constantly on their car radios; "how the music brought my aging mother back to health..."

Although much of the response has been from older listeners, many younger people (ranging from age 30 upwards) have "discovered this sound, and love it.

Phil says:

"As a player, I've continually sensed the frustration of those who love this music. They are utterly "turned off" by 99% of the music on the radio, television and in music stores. I believed I knew the exact style of piano-playing these folks craved to hear, and I was able to produce it. I selected 21 best-loved songs -- pieces that have been recorded innumerable times -- and made my first album, Unforgettable Love Songs. The result was quite amazing. Hearing the recording has made virtually every listener want to obtain it! The reason for this would seem to be that the melodies of the songs are played with beautiful chord changes in a very expressive, yet straightforward style that is unobtrusive and relaxing. It might be said that this style is reminiscent of Eddy Duchin and Carmen Cavallaro, who was my personal hero when I was young.

And so, purely on the basis of people's hearing my album, I get constant inquiries by phone and mail from music lovers who want to procure the CD. That's not all! I've been besieged by folks who want to know when my next one is coming out!"

Current Engagements

Phil is currently engaged in many musical activities, including those of:

Maria DeAngelis

  • A recording artist 

  • An active composer, collaborating with singer and lyricist Maria DeAngelis.

  • CLICK HERE to hear original songs by Phil Klein and Maria DeAngelis.

A Lifetime of Music

Phil Klein is professor of music emeritus at Onondaga Community College in Syracuse, New York.
His musical career has included solo and band piano playing, writing music for a children's syndicated television show, serving as co-host of a radio musical show, and enjoying many other musical experiences, including the recent release of his latest albums.


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