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New Original Music From Phil
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"I've always enjoyed writing songs (words and music), and the songs on this page are some of my most recent work, which I want to share with you. I hope you will share these original compositions with your friends, and also tell them about this website, and my CD's with their unique piano stylings."
                                                             - Phil Klein

Have A Good Day (Phil Klein)
A song expressing love and best wishes

Sung & arranged by Tim Hayden

Grab A Little Bit Of Golden Sunshine
(Phil Klein)
A song of "good cheer"

Sung by Maria DeAngelis
Band: Michael Kanan, Tim Pleasant and Neil Miner

Syracuse Stage - Phil Klein and Maria DeAngelis
Phil Klein and
 Maria DeAngelis
 in performance at
 Syracuse Stage

The Birthday Samba
(Maria DeAngelis & Phil Klein)
An upbeat, new birthday song, with a  Latin lilt

Arranged by Maria DeAngelis and Tim Hayden
Sung by Tim Hayden

My Jesus, When You're Near to Me
(What Peacefulness I Feel)
(Phil Klein)
A simple and sweet song of devotion

Arranged and sung by Tim Hayden

I'm With You (Maria DeAngelis & Phil Klein)
A song of commitment with a "country" flavor

Arranged by Tim Hayden and Maria DeAngelis
Sung by Lori D. Hall and Tim Hayden

Sweet Talk (Phil Klein)
More C&W.  A woman's song with a wistful flavor

Arranged by Tim Hayden
Sung by Lori D. Hall

We May Be Down But We'll Never Be Out
(Phil Klein)
A song of hope for coming bad times

Take My Love and Shove It Up Your Heart
(Phil Klein)

Where to Go for the Best?

Phil Klein performs at Syracuse Stage with Maria DeAngelis

Phil appearing with 
Maria DeAngelis at
Syracuse Stage.

I have always had the ability to write songs (words and music) and have done it intermittently during my lifetime. Six years ago, my output increased dramatically, when I met Maria DeAngelis, a talented vocalist and lyricist. She and I have now written over fifty songs together.

The FREE downloads on this page are offered in the hope that you will both enjoy them and tell your friends about the songs and this website, which features CD recordings of Phil Klein's unique piano stylings. (You may learn about and hear many more of our original songs on Maria's own three CD's at her website by clicking here).

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